Welcome to Gert Maritz Primary School

Gert Maritz aims to provide quality primary school education within a safe and secure schooling environment with a Christian ethos to learners who choose to have their tuition in either Afrikaans or English. We aim to provide a happy, creative and stimulating schooling environment developing each child to his or her fullest potential by the involvement of parents and educators.

We offer a wide variety of team sports: cricket, hockey, rugby, netball, where the boys and girls learn the values and social skills concerning teamwork. Learners are also encouraged to take part and perform in individual sports: tennis, swimming, athletics and chess, to further develop their talents.  Cultural activities include Choir, Folk Dancing, Land Service and SCA activities. In our Computer Room, we focus on reading and spelling skills and techniques. Our learners perform well academically and high schools confirm that our academics are of a high standard.

Here at Gert Maritz, we believe that all of us  have been placed at our school for a specific purpose. We are mutually depending on one another and must cherish and build on what is best for the school... FOR THOSE TO FOLLOW